Photos in 2018

Lab Mii Characters in 2018

Garcia Lab members in cartoon form

Ranran’s Farewell Happy Hour in 2018

Saying goodbye to Ranran before she heads off to Houston

Lab Holiday Party in 2018

Annual holiday lab party and gift exchange

Chemistry-Biology Interface Symposium in 2018

The Garcia Lab participates in the CBI Symposium

BMB Retreat in 2018

BMB graduate program/Department retreat at the Poconos Mountains

HUPO in 2018

Garcia Lab at the HUPO 2018 Conference in Orlando, FL.

GRAAM meeting at Rockefeller University in 2018

GRAAM meeting with the Allis, Muir, Roeder and Armstrong labs. Mariel C gave a great talk and drinks with Empress Yekaterina!

Celebration with Simone in 2018

The Garcia Lab celebrates Simone’s new faculty position at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine!

Felipe Calderon visit to UPenn in 2018

Former Mexican President Felipe Calderon visits UPenn and the Garcia Lab to learn about mass spectrometry!

Summer Students in 2018

Garcia Lab says goodbye to our summer students