News in 2020

December 2020

Collaboration with the Bhoj lab (CHOP) on new discoveries of histone H3.3 mutations in unidentified neurodevelopmental disorders is published in Science Advances.

Kevin Janssen has successfully defended his thesis! Congrats! He will next be a postdoc at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

Khadija has been selected to participate in the 2021 St. Jude National Graduate Student Symposium (NGSS), congrats!

The lab says goodbye to Congcong who will be going back to China for her next career move as an Assistant Professor at Nankai University, congrats!

Collaborations with the Skoultchi lab (Albert Einstein) and Eckenhoff Lab (UPenn) to understand how histone H1 controls chromatin compaction, and to characterize volatile anesthetic drug binding sites in the TREK1 K2P channel are published in Nature and Elife, respectively.

Mariel Coradin successfully defends her thesis! Congratulations and best of luck in your new postdoctoral position in Colorado!

The Garcia Lab welcomes Axe Xie to the lab as our newest postdoc!

November 2020

Congcong’s review on proteomic approaches for epigenetics research is published in MCP, congrats!

Collaborations with the Jabado lab on the K27M induced methylation changes in gliomas, and with the Bonasio lab to understand how TET2 regulates tRNA fragments are published in Cell Reports and NSMB, respectively.

Peder is selected for the ASMS Emerging Talent program, congrats!

October 2020

Ben is elected to the HUPO Executive Committee for a 2-year term as a Member-at-Large.

A manuscript with the Lewis lab (Univ. of Wisconsin) to study H3.3G34W oncohistone mechanisms that drive mesenchymal tumors is published in PNAS.

New publications with the Berger lab (UPenn) to understand the connection of SIRT1 with senescence/aging and to identify epigenetic changes that occur during Alzheimer’s Disease are published in Nature Chemical Biology and Nature Genetics, respectively.

September 2020

Ben has been awarded the Human Proteome Organization (HUPO) Discovery in Proteomic Sciences Award.

Collaborations with the Jabado lab (McGill Univ.) and the Van Eyk lab (Cedar Sinai) on the role of the oncohistone mutation G34W in giant cell bone tumors, and to identify protein methylation in a mouse model of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) disease are published in Cancer Discovery and Journal of Proteome Research, respectively.

August 2020

Heejong has been awarded an NIH F31 Graduate Fellowship from the NIA, congrats!

Congratulations to Neha, who has been selected for a graduate fellowship slot on the NIH T32 Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics training grant!

The Lab says goodbye to Jen as she starts the next chapter of her career at the University of Connecticut Proteomics Facility, congrats!

July 2020

Lindsay is awarded a postdoctoral fellowship slot on the Immunology of Normal and Neoplastic Lymphocytes NIH T32 training grant, congrats!!

A collaboration with the Josefowicz lab (Weill Cornell) on the role of histone H3.3 in stimulated macrophages is published in Nature, while Kevin’s collaboration with the Gregory lab (UPenn) to understand how m6A deposition induces loss of RNA secondary structure resulting in changes in mRNA stability for transcripts encoding abiotic stress response is published in Plant Direct.

Richard’s collaboration with the Weitzman lab (CHOP) on how Adenovirus induced ubquitination affects RNA-protein interactions is published in Nature Microbiology.

The lab says goodbye to Abby who will start graduate school at Memorial Sloan Kettering soon, best of luck!

A collaboration with the Dou lab (Univ. of Michigan) on the role of the acetyltransferase MOF during cellular quiescence is published in Cell Stem Cell.

June 2020

Ben is named a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC)

Ben participates in the ASBMB/MCP Virtual Proteomics session giving a talk on some epigenetics cancer research.

Our collaboration (Michael and Bhanu) with the Gorbunova lab (Univ. of Rochester) on the role of KDM2A ADP-ribosylation controlling H3K36 methylation levels during DNA damage is published in Aging.

Ben completes his term as Chair of the NIH Enabling Analytical and Imaging Technologies (EBIT) study section.

A fun ASMS Conference for the Garcia Lab with Lindsay, Yekaterina and Josue giving talks, and others with posters.  Ben helped out with the NIH/NSF grant workshop and was the Mystery Guest during the ASMS Lunchtime Trivia, lol.

May 2020

Collaboration with the Taylor Lab (University of Toronto) to study epigenetic changes in ependymomas is published in Cell.

The lab goes 3 for 3, as Janice, Neha and Michael have passed their 2nd year prelim candidacy exams, congrats to all!!

Former graduate student Dylan Marchione has won the Saul Winegrad Award for Outstanding Dissertation, congratulations! His graduation profile can be seen here.

Ben is re-elected to the US Human Proteome Organization (HUPO) board of directors.

Collaborations with the Gill lab (Penn) and the Sarma lab (Wistar) to identify chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapy for solid tumors, and to investigate how ATRX-RNA interactions regulate PRC2 localization have been published in Nature Biotechnology, and Nature Communications, respectively.

April 2020

Collaborations with the Martinez lab (UT Southwestern) to study Jumonji protein activity in the malaria parasite, and with the Wu lab (UPenn) to understand how bacteria influence the neonatal microbiome are published in ACS Infectious Diseases, and Nature Microbiology, respectively.

Janice has been awarded an NSF Graduate Fellowship, congrats!!

Julia Tasca has joined the Garcia Lab (joint with Roberto Bonasio), welcome to the group!

Lindsay has been selected to receive the ASMS Postdoctoral Career Development Award, congratulations!

Former graduate student Kelly Karch (Wysocki lab at Ohio State) also is awarded an ASMS Postdoctoral Career Development Award, congrats.

March 2020

Janice is named “Honorable Mention” in the Ford Foundation Fellowship competition, nice job!

Ben is highlighted in ASBMB Today.

Collaborations with the Stanger lab (UPenn) and Bale lab (Univ. of Maryland) to understand the role of H3K36me2 during cancer metastasis and how extracellular vesicle transmit epigenetic information are published in Cancer Discovery and Nature Communications, respectively.

Richard’s review article on RNA modifications has been accepted in the Molecular Omics Journal, congrats!

Janice has been awarded an ASMS graduate student stipend and Fontaine Society travel award to attend the 65th ASMS Conference later this year.

Khadija has been selected to participate in the 70th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Germany later this summer, congrats!

Collaborative work with the Noh lab (EMBL) on the role of H3.3K4 during ESC differentiation and the Daldal lab (UPenn) to understand copper homeostasis in the prokaryotic model organism Rhodobacter capsulatus are published in Nature Genetics and Metallomics, respectively.

February 2020

The Garcia Lab is on Twitter!

Yekaterina has been awarded an American Society for Mass Spectrometry Graduate Travel Award to attend the annual conference in Houston this summer, congrats!

Sam’s research work on building a computational framework for analysis of modified RNA MS/MS spectra is published in Nature Communications, congrats!

Ben was interviewed for the Real Science Real Life Podcast.

Yekaterina presented at the Women in STEM Symposium at Penn, and this was mentioned in Penn Today!

Mariel C and Mariel M publish their Middle Down proteomics workflow in the journal Methods, nice work!

January 2020

Many lab publications have come out. Our collaborations with the Lakdawala and Wojcik labs to understand intracellular transport of viral RNA and to create a new method for proteomics analysis of FFPE tissue are published in Nature Communications and the Journal of Proteome Research, respectively. Additionally, Kevin’s manuscript to describe a combined approach for Bottom up and Middle down analysis of histones is published in JASMS.