News in 2008

December 2008

Ben Garcia attends the 6th International Uppsala Conference on Electron Capture and Transfer Dissociation. Ben gives an invited talk describing the use of electron transfer dissociation to sequence histone proteins.

October 2008

Former summer undergraduate researcher Andrea Beltran wins a best poster award at the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students for her summer research in the Garcia group.

The Garcia group attends the ThermoFisher Mass Spectrometry Group Discussion meeting in Somerset, NJ. Ben gives an invited talk about the group’s current research.

June 2008

Undergraduates Andrea Beltran (Hunter College) and John Weston (Cedarville University) join the group for summer research.

High school student Neeli Mishra joins the group.

April 2008

Ben Garcia is awarded an American Chemical Society Leadership Development award and attends a Leadership conference in Dallas, TX.

March 2008

Graduate student Mariana Plazas-Mayorca joins the group

Ben Garcia attends the PITTCON conference in New Orleans, LA.  Ben gives two invited talks on the use of HILIC for proteomic separations.

February 2008

Postdoctoral researcher Nicolas Young joins the group.

The Garcia research group officially begins at Princeton University